Rambutan, dragon fruit, durian, jamalac, mangosteen, guava… So many exotic fruits whose names may not yet ring a bell, but which you will be delighted to taste during the holiday season. This is further proof of the tremendous appeal of this type of fruit, most of which is produced in South America, Africa and Asia.

Swiss households are major consumers of bananas, pineapples and avocados, which have gradually become part of their dietary habits, and they have also learned to appreciate fruits that were still unknown a few decades ago, such as mangoes and kiwi fruit. Thus, in 2021, imports of exotic fruits have increased by about a third compared to 2010.

Bananas, pineapples or avocados are now part of the classic ingredients of our kitchens.


How to explain such a success?


“Exotic fruits” is a term that does not obey any botanical definition as it includes, in practice, all fruits that are not grown in our country.

Each year, their consumption increases throughout the year with a particular peak at the time of the holidays.

These fruits meet the needs of consumers who are more and more curious and looking for new flavors to make their taste buds travel.

Colorful, juicy and tasty, they are sweet to the taste, low in carbohydrates and rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and especially vitamins.

Nothing better than to keep your energy up!

Rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C and B vitamins, mango helps reduce fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

Papaya is not to be outdone with its juicy flesh that is rich in minerals, especially magnesium, potassium as well as vitamin A and C.

The lychee also contains vitamin C and is rich in vitamins A and B. It is also said to be loaded with fiber, calcium and sodium.

Guava is an excellent source of vitamins A and C.

Full of sunshine, pomegranates, pineapples, persimmons and bananas are also full of nutritional treasures.

Also, at Tendance Fruit, we select the best exotic fruits for you every day, just waiting to be eaten perfectly ripe.

Nothing could be easier!


Since its creation in 1986, Satori S.A., a company with which we work in close collaboration, has been a forerunner in the field of ripening exotic fruits. This has contributed to the increasing consumption of exotic fruits in Switzerland.

Our fruits are “ripe”, refined, selected by hand and protected in individual packaging.

Let us introduce you to the 8 star tropical fruits of the moment.

Pineapple is an exotic, juicy and delicious fruit with exceptional nutritional properties. There’s nothing like an exotic touch to liven up a classic recipe. Plain, flambéed or roasted, with its soft, sweet and slightly crunchy pulp, pineapple is the perfect ally for original creations.

Popular and very juicy, the mango is a tropical fruit that is loved for its great nutritional properties and for its sweet and fragrant taste. Full of sweetness, the mango opens the way to all culinary fantasies! It can be eaten raw or cooked, in both savoury and sweet versions. Our mangoes come from the Kent and Keitt varieties throughout the year. The main supplying countries of these varieties are Peru, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Israel, Spain, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

With its complete nutritional profile and inimitable taste, the banana is a fruit much appreciated by athletes and nutritionists. Its sweet taste and soft texture make it the most consumed fruit in the world. Practical and tasty, the banana is a daily health partner.

Also known as grenadilla, the passion fruit is prized for its fragrant flesh and characteristic small black seeds. Thanks to passion fruit, add exoticism to your cocktails, spice up your savoury dishes or surprise your guests with ultra-tasty desserts.

With its subtly sweet flesh and its small black seeds, the papaya is a tropical fruit that is very popular with gourmets! Delicately flavored, the papaya can be eaten raw or cooked and can be prepared in a few minutes, delivering a unique taste for original recipes.

This small tropical fruit with a slight taste of rose and muscatel, also called “rambutan”, will delight the finest palates. Ultra-vitaminated and rich in fiber, the lychee and its delicate sweet fragrance go very well in sweet and sour cuisine as well as in fresh juices. This fruit has many culinary surprises in store for you, from gourmet treats to exotic flavors.

Tasted for 2,000 years in China, kiwi fruit is now enjoyed all over the world! The green or yellow pulp is sweet and tangy, surrounded by an often brown and fluffy skin. Although kiwifruit is eaten whole and raw, generally for breakfast or as a dessert, this fruit can also be used to make original and tasty recipes. Indeed, the sweet and sour taste of kiwifruit is delicious with both sweet and savoury foods. It works wonders in vegetable salads and other dishes with sauce.

Highly prized for its tender flesh and unique taste, the avocado is a fruit with a singular sweetness. There’s nothing like avocado to combine wellness and delicacy. Rich in trace elements, it can be enjoyed all year round, seasoned or plain, from breakfast to dinner! Our avocados come from the Hass variety all year round. They come mainly from Peru, Chile and Spain. Tropical avocados are also available from Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

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