Mangoes, bananas, avocados, limes, papayas… What flavours and what benefits!

The demand for fresh exotic fruit in Switzerland has never been so high. Much more than a simple trend, they are intended to be, for informed and demanding consumers, of high quality, enjoyed all year round and on all occasions.

You’ve been dreaming about it? Tendance Fruit did it. We make it possible to deliver directly where you are: at home, at the office…

Thanks to our subscription formula, no more supermarket constraints and hazards: you choose the frequency of delivery of exotic fruits and the format that suits you and we take care of the rest of the order.

An impeccable quality of service that allows you to receive your favourite exotic fresh fruit on a regular basis, at home (the prospect of beautiful recipes to concoct and delicious dishes to savour) and/or in your company (to be tasted or shared, in your break room or meeting room).

Man holding mangoes
Man picking mangoes

Are your needs evolving? Rest assured, we are evolving with them. Our no-obligation service offer combines simplicity and flexibility in that you can terminate or suspend your subscription at the click of a button, free of charge. Ideal if you decide to go on holiday on a whim or move to the other side of the world.

An event to celebrate, a customer gift or simply an irresistible desire to please? Our baskets, filled with sweet exotic flavours, will delight your taste buds… Hard to resist!

Whether you are a private individual or a company, we ensure careful, fast and free delivery within 24 hours in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.

On a daily basis, Tendance Fruit works closely with Satori SA, a company specialised in importing the best exotic fruits from all over the world.

Satori SA was the first company in Europe to offer a concept of hand-picked, ripe fruit, protected in individual packaging.

It has been the market leader in Switzerland for mangoes, avocados, limes and papayas for over fifteen years.

The quality of our exotic fruit and the personal service we provide ensure that we are able to meet the growing needs and orders of our customers every day, from order to delivery.

Ordering and delivering fresh fruit in Switzerland has never been so easy and irresistible!

Receive your fruit basket directly where you are!

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